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The Fall - Justin O'Brien, Albert Camus I was in my teens when I first read this and only remember it being thematically dense despite its brevity and that I identified quite strongly with the book though I don’t think I fully appreciated the reasons why. As I re-read the Fall, I am still certain I am only understanding the book on a very superficial level and I look forward to re-reading this to get a better idea. However, as I draw parallels between Clamence and me, I am reminded of how deeply personal this book is. I feel as if Camus knows me better than I myself as Clamence speaks about the world, himself, and the reader. His provocative account does shed light and can be liberating at times but sometimes it raises questions that leave me slightly uncomfortable and empty. However, I think it is important to realise that Clamence represents the consequences of certain aspects of the reader’s mind taken to extremes and that he and the reader are distinct individuals. We must be.